When ULGEN was established in 2005 in Istanbul the company's core activity was to support very close customers for their activities on sea transportation with chartering & broking services. Over the years company's scope of services have developed differentiating on cargo size & quantity , commodity type, means of transportation and different aspects of "Logistics" concept However "Chartering & Ship brokering" is still the heart and heat of everything we do for our customers.....

Since day one our main goal has been to become a trusted ally to our strategic partners.. and to be solution oriented.. We deeply value the relationship and trust that we have with our partners and over the years this attitude has been one of the pillars that we have built our company upon. We are here to assist our clients with any and all of their needs without prejudice on the quantity of cargo on chartering well as in entire Logistics facilities as the company.

Presently we are closely involved in the operations of on average 15/20 vessels, their capacities ranging from 2000 to 55000 tons with their Chartering facilities and serving for Black Sea, East Mediterranean, North Europe, North and West Africa for shipments of various commodities. In the sense of categorizing and analyzing our main area of focus we should state that steel products is long distance commodity among those that we carry.. Recently from Europe to Northern Africa & America along with our long time business of metallurgical raw materials from Ukraine/Russia to Turkey.. The runner of commodity and business is fertilizers from Northern Africa to Various European countries Never the less we as "Ulgen" do facilitate transportation of various different commodities definitely ranging variety of size and destinations and types of transportation We are very well supported by vessel owners who are active in Black Sea, Mediterranean, Northern Europe, North and West Africa regions and we honored to mention about these close ties..

We would be more honest to emphasize that friendship and trust built over the long years is the root of these facilities Likewise do work usually exclusive basis with buyers/sellers of various commodities who are in constant need of capable vessels whom we definitely work longer enough to perceive each other as friends first.. Today's world is tough ,tomorrow is always coming with challenges demanding non-stop struggle harder and harder... We are always here to support our friends.